Video For High Ticket Item Sales: 4 types of video your company should be using now

If you are a company engaging in marketing to sell high ticket items on the internet, you are by now aware that the reach and intrusiveness of the online space becomes a weakness as price increases.

This is where video for high ticket items fills an important role in your marketing mix.

This is because the   internet space suffers from an abiding lack of credibility. Whether it’s news, sales claims or second-hand sales, online users are on guard against scams and inflated claims.
And the higher the asking price, the more cautious the buyer. Which is why online video that quickly and clearly showcases your item or service value  can go a long way toward overcoming visitor skepticism and initial resistance. But there is a right way and wrong way to engage in this.
Customize Video Content According To Purpose
Prospective marketers should focus on   creating a variety of client or buyer-facing videos uploaded to YouTube or several other video platforms. There are four different type of marketing videos that find their way onto these public platforms. Videos for clients   that serve different purposes and   have  different goals. .

These videos are designed to attract attention, engage visitors  and nurture leads. Examples include:
Explanatory and Introductory Videos
Product Demos
Interviews and Testimonials
Detailed How-To’s
While views, completion rates and similar metrics can provide insight into video success,  marketers need to focus on  one metric to gauge a video’s success: conversion rate. Each of your company’s outward-facing videos should always end with a call-to-action, such as: “Subscribe for coming helpful videos”, “Click the link in the description to get a discount”, etc.
Keep in mind that online videos are not the same as re-purposed videos from other mediums such as t.v. Online consumption of video content follows a much different logic than those passively viewing a t.v. commercial. This necessitates producing video content that is native to the web. For example, explanatory videos are useful to salesmen as a type of sales collateral to reinforce their company value proposition.
Companies that provide software or financial services or a new concept that is being introduced into the marketplace would also benefit from explanatory videos. Strangers are much likelier to click on a video presentation than a white paper discussing how your new  widget will change the world. This ease of use has only gotten more important as mobile devices have surpassed desktop visits to many types of business websites.  
On a similar note, product demo videos, How-To’s, and testimonial videos explicitly address parts of the sales process down the line as companies and sales personnel use these videos to show off their offerings features and benefits and show potential buyers testimonials from other clients and buyers who are happy with their investment.  

Using these four types of video content, your marketing team would be able to increase company credibility, demonstrate value and answer important questions

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